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Financial Independence

Having financial independence is a very important factor to a healthy and self-sustainable life. This applies to everybody.

Growing up with autism

Growing up as a kid with an autistic brother was difficult. As far as I remember, I always had an autistic brother.

My Waiting Room Support Group

As many readers will know, having a child with autism can be exceedingly difficult.

The story of a man and his autistic son

I had recently read an article online about a father with a 14 year-old son who was on the autism spectrum.

Volunteering Experience

My brief experience as a volunteer worker with autistic children

How to form a support group

Having cognitive challenges can pose a lot of struggles in one’s life.

Importance of social integration

Social integration is something to be conscious about. It isn’t something that happens naturally.

Interview Questions Art Therapy

What made you interested to study autism and why art therapy?

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