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Easy Setup

Wallet's QR feature allows you to add your dependent in seconds.

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Transaction Control

Approve or decline transactions to influence healthy decisions.

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Wallet is supported in 28 countries, availalbe in 7 currencies and 7 languages

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Transact independently and safely

Powered by a uniquely tailored user interface that was built in collaboration with experts

  • Wallet guides users step by step through the process of making a purchase
  • using the optimal combination of bills at hand and then validating that the correct change has been returned
  • Visualize your spending and discuss good spending habits
  • sailpoint course
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Uniquely tailored user interface

Centred around the development of assistive applications for those with special needs.

Walet is friendly to users with challenges in reading comprehension, dexterity and preference in color scheme.

User Friendly

Tailor made design, to be as simple to use as possible.

Tried & Tested

Controlled tests have been done to ensure ease of use.

Minimal Interface

Simplified user interface to decrease the amount of input required.

Secure Monitoring

Monitor every transaction to ensure healthy a financial status.


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Intro Video

This is simply great ! It was about time someone made an app like this.

Hassan Jawad

Highly recommended. Only 100 user's? Google Play Store need's to get out the closet.

Buggins Will

Oi Oi ReAble you got the best App thanks its time saving...

Abibakr Youseph


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